Sunday, 16 May 2010

Leybourne Grange Mental Asylum

Yesterday Mark and I visited this large asylum complex, and spent several happy hours wandering through the nurse's accommodation and the admin building, the latter being very dark and exceedingly dank - I have never seen so much fungus in a single UrbEx location before (even a very wet asylum in Wales where the walls oozed water when pressed) so I have had to include a couple of not-very-good-but-for-the-record photos of the more spectacular (and mildly gross) fungal growths here. There was an overwhelming (and frankly, not very pleasant) aroma of mushroom and damp throughout, and some of the floors were very rotten, which made stumbling around in the darkness all the more "interesting".  Happy days!

The exterior of the building in which these photos
were taken, the nurses accommodation

The floors were striped with these bands of nails (see photo below)
which meant I had to watch every single step I took.
Mark was wearing his Nike Airs so he was fine!

Some of the wonderful textured walls - I have added lots
of new textures to my database :)

Rather a lot of bog shots, but they were such "nice" bogs!

Why do some people who visit these places feel an
overwhelming urge to smash up the sanitaryware? :(

A rather strange find...

Lift call buttons

Mr Blunders setting up a shot

I couldn't resist these rusty buttons

Mark at work

Another exterior shot of the nurses accommodation

One of the VERY dodgy ceilings in the admin building

A small chink of light - nearly every single window
in this building was boarded up

Not very good compo or focus as taken in the dark with
no flash, but Mark said it looks as if it has ghosts in it
and I should include it

Some of the fungus which was growing copiously everywhere

Another photo with ghosts

The spooky basement, in natural light

The spooky basement, with flash

Another bizarre fungal growth

Very bad  shot of fungal growth in the basement,
bleached out by flash, but it was pitch black in there
and I wanted to show how invasive it was

Another small escape into the outside world

Scary self portrait

The admin building

Time to go home

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