Saturday, 8 May 2010

Potters Manor House Part 5

The final part of this recent set from Potters Manor House, featuring the master bedroom, a spare bedroom, the hall, the kitchen, the television room and finally the exterior.

As before, all shots taken with Panasonic LX3 on 1:1 aspect ratio using dynamic black and white and straight from camera with no post-processing.

These were such pretty shoes, and she had such tiny feet


"Calling card" from some of our UrbEx friends,
both of whom can be seen on Flickr

They don't make them like they used to

Found in the wardrobe, along with a jar of cornflakes -
for attacks of the Midnight Munchies perhaps?


Would love to know what a "universal embrocation"
actually does!

The date of my 1st birthday,
21st September 1966

Something tells me that she may have been
the Lady of the Manor

None of the statues/figurines had their heads attached

My feet, their feet

Goodbye Potters ...... until next time .......

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