Saturday, 1 May 2010

May Bank Holiday in The New Forest Part 1

Mark and I headed down to Sandy Balls in the New Forest for the long weekend, arriving late Friday afternoon, when I unpacked (being a girl I don't like to live out of a case, even if it is only for three nights) and Mark (being a boy) didn't, then we headed to The Fighting Cocks (the only pub within staggering - ahem - walking distance) for our supper.  Forgot to take torches as it was light when we left, so had a stagger ;) back along pitch black country lane and hope not to get run over.

On Saturday morning I donned a pair of Mark's cycling shorts (he had been sold a small size by mistake), which were very tight (so had to wear a looser pair over the top for decency's sake), and t-shirt, trainers and hoodie top, and psyched myself up for a twenty mile cycle even though it had been nine years since I rode a bike.  Mark had hired us bikes for the day and was going to take me on the cycle ride/pub crawl he normally does with the boys when they all stay at the caravan together.  I had agreed with some trepidation as I am horribly unfit and could foresee myself having to get off and push at every slight incline, but as it turned out I did fine.  Okay, had to get off and push a couple of times, but on the whole it was really good fun (if a little cold - poxy weather, in True British Style, had gone from being warm, sunny and lovely earlier in the week, to chilly and overcast for the Bank Holiday weekend) and the rain only started just after we had arrived back and deposited the bikes at the hire shop.  The rest of the day can be told in pictures:

Curious cows at the pub

Mark at the first pub of the day, The Royal Oak

"I'm sure I can reach my bottom if I stretch my neck far enough"

Some of the many animals wandering about in The New Forest

Mark and a horse who didn't want to stop and be friends

Third pub?  Fourth Pub?
Lost count and forgot to take photos at all of them

Cycling's thirsty work you know ...

Needed that

It's me!

Mr Blunders.  Yes.

Me trying to look athletic on a bicycle

Mark actually looking athletic on a bicycle

Nap nap

When we got back from our cycle ride, we had tea and chocolate and then both fell asleep on the sofa while it rained.  We both felt a bit vegetably after that, but following refreshing showers and a slight improvement in the weather, I suggested that we go out for a walk down to the river.  Everything was obviously wet, but the air was fresh and pleasant, so we had a nice early evening stroll before our supper.


No, I don't know what it means either, I just liked it

Mark checking out his shots on the camera

Oh look, it's my lovely wellies again ;)

Mark doing the Educashional (sic) Stuff

Beautiful Bluebells

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  1. Another lovely set of memories, looks like you had a fun weekend.

  2. Lovely feathery and dandeliony sightings - you look the part in your bike helmet too!

  3. Thanks Caz and Cat - it was indeed a lovely weekend, despite the less than perfect weather - I wouldn't have been able to photograph gorgeous wet feathers and dandelions if it hadn't rained!

  4. Would you believe, I like photographing bits of things, too. Mostly, it doesn't work out, though (no talent).
    I love your photos, but the weather sounds much like here AND I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dale, if you enjoy photographing things then I would just go for it, regardless of the outcome, because you are probably better than you think anyway!

  6. you did a top job of cycling and i have no doubt the you'll be up for another pub crawl or cycle ride depending on your opinion,

  7. @Mark: yes, will definitely be up for doing it all again some time! xx