Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Venice, Italy: Days 3 & 4

There was quite a lot of this kind of graff around Venice

The Tourist Hell that is Piazza San Marco

One of the very expensive cafes on Piazza S.Marco

Via Guiseppe Garibaldi

Riva S.Biagio

One of the very large (and not at all vulgarly-named
"Costa Fortuna" - oh, no) cruise ships leaving Venice

A classic Venetian Calle

Riva S.Biagio

On the way to our apartment

More lions of the Arsenale
(sorry, they were too good to only photograph once)

Me and Mum at the lovely restaurant Osteria alla Tana
on Campo della Iana, which was sheltered from the
wind and was warm until sunset.
We got grievously tight here on a couple of occasions ;)

Rosa Salva, Mum's favourite pasticceria,
top hot chocolate and cakes to be had here!

All manner of Cakey Goodness

Campo S.Giovannie Paulo
(with San Zanipolo church in the background)

Lion on the facade of Scuola Grande di San Marco,
now a hospital.

S.Maria Formosa

One of the magnificent and Totally OTT tombs in
S.Maria Formosa - this photo does not do justice to
the sheer size and scale of the place

I loved this charming carving, took a close-up but 
unfortunately it was a bit blurry due to low light :(

Again, you can't see from this photo, but the man with the
King Charles Spaniel hair looked terrified by his mortality

Gondola details

Mum taking a wander

Inside Santa Maria d.Salute

In the centre of the photo is the Bauer Hotel on the Grand Canal
where my Grandparents always stayed when they visited
Venice, and always the corner room on the third floor

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  1. Magic = especially church carvings & gondola details. & cakes :) Also love your angle on the very expensive cafe in the Piazza San Marco with nary a customer in sight.

  2. Thanks Cat, you are so good at commenting on my blog and I am so crap at commenting on yours. Why are there not more hours in the day?