Sunday, 23 May 2010

Venice, Italy: Days 1 & 2

Spent the last week of May staying in Venice with Mum, in a self-catering apartment on the Arsenale.  Temperatures ranged from 73 - 79 degrees, it rained once during the whole week for about ten minutes, and although the wind had a tendency to get a bit frisky in the afternoons it was still exceedingly pleasant.

Mum at Paulo's Restaurant, Campo Arsenale, where she
was greeted with many "bellissimos", mwahs and delight by
Paulo the exuberant owner.  I should add that she has been before!

Campo Arsenale

Delicious Italian Things

Our apartment doorbell
(don't know what the "kill" part was all about!)

Our doorway looking towards Paulo's
(how handy was that for an evening meal?)

Overlooking Canale di San Marco

Morning coffee (aah, give me caffeine....)

Me and Mum reflected in the coffee pot
See here for Arty Version:

Mum being advised on the purchase of some
Fearsomely Strong Coffee

Shop window cuteness


One of the many street sellers of knock-off
designer handbags on Fond di Fronte.
(I say if I can't have the Real Thing, I don't want it at all!)

The magnificent lions of the Arsenale

Entrance to the Arsenale dock

Bridge over the Rio Dell Arsenale,
Paulo's restaurant on the left

Our apartment, second floor of the building to
the left of the white awning

Fondam. d.Madonna

Our apartment

Campo della Iana

SP in my bedroom mirror.
Check out my new Panama hat, an essential purchase
for 9 euros from a street vendor ;)

The wonderful hallway mirror in our apartment

On the way to our apartment

Riva Ca di Dio, looking towards the Campanile
(and more knock-off bags)

Graff on the bridge

Death in Venice

At the front of the Vaporetto
Standing Not Allowed!

Vaporetto floating stops

Sailing on the Vaporetto

A bevy of Gondoliers ;)

S.Maria d.Salute

Rio Dell Arsenale
(straight from camera which may have been accidentally
set to "Vivid" [read: Lurid] colour)

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  1. Oooh, Venice basking in the sun: I'm not jealous, NOT jealous, not one little bit ;) Love the accidental lurid moment & those lions ...

  2. I don't think that you missed any details. Always enjoy looking at your take on things.

  3. @Cat: yes, the "lurid moment" was quite fortuitous really!

    @Caz: thanks, that's a really nice thing to say :)