Saturday, 8 May 2010

Potters Manor House Part 4

As Mark said when we came away from Potters, "there's just too much to see!", and he was right - so much has been left behind in this house, small and large details of someone's life, that it was almost impossible to know where to start - every time I turned around I saw something else that I wanted to photograph.  I am drawn to details, often small details, sometimes so close-up that the object becomes semi-abstract, and I am also fascinated by textures and contrasts.  My photographer friends often tease me about what they refer to as my "special spotters glasses", but I just cannot help noticing the small elements, which I think say as much about a place as the bigger picture - and I love to take photos of them.

This set features many signs of art and crafts, lovers of reading and of art, of dressing well and taking care of themselves.  I wonder what they would think and feel if they could see their house and possessions now?

As before, all shots taken with Panasonic LX3 on 1:1 aspect ratio, dynamic black and white and straight from camera with no post production.

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