Monday, 3 May 2010

May Bank Holiday in The New Forest Part 3

Okay, so today I got up and put on everything I wore yesterday, with the addition of a t-shirt and tights underneath, and wore my long duvet coat instead of short jacket, also took a scarf.  The sun was shining but I was determined not to be caught out by the weather again, and didn't want to spend another day feeling constantly cold.

We went to Breamore House to check out the bluebells as recommended, first having a look around the beautiful church of St. Mary nearby.  I loved it, both inside and out, there was a lovely atmosphere and it was a very comforting place to be.  Took lots of photos and spent a happy hour or so pottering about.

Naturally, since I had worn enough clothes to befit a Polar explorer, the weather warmed up and I was soon gently steaming - before Mark and I went into the woods to look for the bluebells I was obliged to go back to the car to remove a few layers and ditch the duvet coat (is there a smiley for rolling eyes?  If so, I insert one here).  During this walk we were subjected to a wide range of weather conditions, including hail, rain, sun, wind, blue sky, grey sky, lots of clouds, barely any clouds, all in the space of an hour or so.  Was constantly taking off my jacket, undoing my hoodie, zipping up my hoodie, putting on my jacket, hoods up, hoods down, hot, cold, wet, dry - it could only be British Weather!

For more on Breamore:

The Church Of St. Mary, Breamore

I have a bit of a "thing" for war memorials...

The Flight from Egypt

Looking directly up at the bell tower

Looking up at the chandelier

A beautiful and moving headstone

Doorway to a mausoleum in the graveyard

Inside the mausoleum, taken by sticking camera through
a hole in the doorway at ground level, so couldn't see a thing.
There is a coffin in the darkness on the left.

Lovely church, I REALLY liked it here :)

Breamore House

Yet more bluebells - sorry, too pretty to ignore

Oilseed Rape with pinhole camera ...

.... and without

Mark at The Miz Maze

No wellies today!

Spring Green

Woodland walks around Breamore

Very late lunch in the Alice Lisle pub.
We were both Hank Marvin.

Linda's old camera, now being used by Mark

Vintage Camera Heaven!

Mark's Lubi

The remains of the best sausage and mash I have ever had in a pub,
with locally produced bangers, buttery mash and a mustard sauce - 
too hungry to photograph it when it was complete!

Replete and happy

Last stop of the day

Long shadows

Mark and me

Adorable baby donkey with parents,
all of whom let me stroke them

Last horse of the holiday

Mark's car bonnet.
This leaf stayed adhered all the way back to London!

An empty egg in the front garden.
I hope the occupant hatched safely and flew away ....

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