Monday, 28 June 2010

Hot Day at Biggin Hill Airshow

Mark and I visited the Biggin Hill Airshow on Saturday, a gloriously hot and sunny day, and had lots of fun with our cameras taking photos of vintage vehicles, large/small planes and Plane Geeks (of which there were, unsurprisingly, a large number), before sitting on the grass in the throng and watching the aerobatics display.  Mark may have had a little nap at one point, lying in the sun, but then he was out UrbExing in a high place in central London on Friday night and only had four hours sleep, so I think that was allowed ....

Mr B getting all excited at the sight of the aeroplanes

... and the helicopters too .....

Lovely old fire engine, with a crank handle to start it

This is actually me and Mark reflected in part of a car!

Three generations?

There were hats of all shapes and sizes on display!

There were quite a few children wearing ear defenders,
to protect them against some of the nosiest planes

Mark's feet, from our patch on the grass

Mark wearing my hat

Cider, and yes, it's my feet!

These reminded me of angry mosquitos,
squaring up for a fight

Small boy, large gun

The Red Arrows

Watching the display

Comparing "Twisters"

My Gorgeous BF

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