Monday, 5 July 2010

BBQ With Friends

Mark and I went over to Matt's on Sunday for a BBQ, with a bit of tennis thrown in (the men's singles final at Wimbledon).  It was hot, sunny, with lots of food and drink plus excellent company - what better way to spend a weekend afternoon?  Thanks for a great time Matt and Mel, for being such good hosts, and the Bellinis were delicious!

Sky High

Scott and Becci


Scott and Stuart with colourful Bellinis

Mark demonstrates his Holga to Dylan

Matt and his lovely new barbie


Brian, Stuart, Dylan and Tony

Mark and Dylan

Brian and Becci

Tony's vegetarian BBQ

Being Manly at the barbie

Watching the tennis

More mmmmmmm....

Arm exercises.  Requirement: one toddler.
Reps: 10.  Stamina: lots

Mark, Matt, Tony and Andy

Mel, Stuart, Scott and Mark

Jen and Dylan

"Is anybody there?!"

Mel and Becci

Andy and Becci

I'm sure there's a caption in this somewhere....



The glazed eyes and intense concentration
of a man watching telly

"No Matt, you will NOT distract me from Thomas
the Tank Engine!"

"It wasn't me!"

Father and son


My lovely Mark x

Mel taking a group photo

The view from up there


Later ....

.... at the pub ....

... last one ....

... bit the worst for wear ...... zzzzzzzzzzzz ..... hic!

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  1. top day out and great photos :-))

  2. can't beat a good barbie :)

  3. Love the shots of the pegs and the little boy on the phone and personally I think the hat suits you.