Monday, 26 July 2010

Nymans, West Sussex

Just to prove that we are both now really, truly middle-aged, Mark and I recently joined the National Trust (I actually used to be a member in my twenties, but then I was middle-aged before my time!).  We both figured that since we enjoy visiting and taking photographs at the many properties the Trust owns, and given that the average entry cost is around £10 each, that this would be a worthwhile investment.  So on Sunday 25th, we headed down to Nymans Garden in West Sussex for a wander around.  I loved the house, I found it very charming and atmospheric and could easily imagine living somewhere like that, surrounded by books and photographs in a peaceful and tranquil setting.  A very pleasant afternoon out.

Part of the house that was burned down in the twenties

Fearsomely ugly fountain

I love the pattern and symmetry of these flowers

A strange find in a mossy corner by a wall


Mark - couldn't decide which of these I liked best ...

.... so I put them all in!

He's SO photogenic (can already hear him
saying "shut it!")

Mark showing me his macro insect shots

The hole in his jeans knee

Map of Nymans


My Handsome Man


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  1. ahhh .. love the flower hearts and bees (blimey, they're alive ;)) I was convinced I'd been to Nymans but don't remember it at all from these photos .. come to think of it, where I remember is Slaugham. C xx