Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Afternoon in an Abandoned Girl's School

Last Sunday Mark and I drove to Lillesden Girl's School to meet up with Lensflaredave and insomniac2008 (our buddies from Flickr), for an afternoon of UrbEx and Photography. Traffic was appalling, had to get satnav to redirect us to avoid jams three times! Godsake, haven't people got anything better to do on a Saturday than clog up the roads with their cars?! ;) Anyway, finally arrived, parked up, snuck in through the hedge with our gear and headed towards the main building where we soon found Dave and Rob. Although we've all been on contact and looking at one another's photos for months on Flickr/Twitter, this was the first time that we had actually met in person, so it was really good to finally put faces to the names. Proceeded to spend a very enjoyable afternoon taking photos in the school, all going off in different directions and then occasionally bumping into one another here and there.  The floors were lethal in places, really rotton, and I made sure that I was paying attention to where I was walking the whole time, not wishing to fall through any floorboards, but all contributes to the Full UrBex Experience ;)  Got together at the end for a crew shot in front of the main mirror, took a few takes to get it right, with much larking about, but got a suitably serious pose from everyone in the end.  An excellent explore!

One of the classrooms

A moment of self-reflection

Insect Graveyard

Inside the main school building

View into the conservatory

Dave and Mark

Crew Shot
See large on black background

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  1. Where chairs and insects go to die ... great set of photos, scary crew mind ;)

  2. Great post, great meet. Some lovely shots there that show off the decay of this place really well. I see you caught me a couple times too. :-)

  3. How big was that bloody spider..........never mind I actually don't want to know.

    Great pics Viv - keep 'em coming.

  4. Another great set of detailed shots and plenty of dead things for you.