Friday, 3 September 2010

New Forest Bank Holiday Weekend

Awoke to a far nicer day (why couldn't the sun have been out more when we had our Sunday cycle?) to discover, oh deep joy, that the three sticking plasters had come off my knee overnight and bloodied the sheets and duvet, so that the bed resembled the scene out of "The Godfather" with the horse's head (except obviously, there was no horse.)  Godsake!  Knee looking beyond repulsive, all yellow and oozy, and hurting like buggery, so  I was whimpering in the shower and wincing as I dressed.  Had to wear yesterday's blood-stained shorts (yes, I know, gross) because they were the only garment I had with me which would not rub fabric on my knee, so just rolled the turn-up over another notch the hide the claret stain ;)

Quiet morning, lots of sitting about with feet up while Mark gave his car the Annual Hoover, then getting ready to go and packing up.  Had cheesecake and coffee in the garden before setting off for Hinton Ampner on our way back home.

Pretty little church in the grounds of Hinton Ampner

Big fish in the pond

"stunning views of the South Downs"

One of Mark's many vintage cameras

Hinton Ampner - a very pretty house

Daisy steps

This topiary must have required some pampering!

Inside the church

Garden greenhouse

The vegetable garden


Loved these colours :)

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  1. Wow, even packing a wounded knee your detail spotting powers remain intact - especially love the flower hearts and the ladybird. & that chard looks yummy, wish I could eat it for my lunch ..:)

  2. Great set of shots V, I love the one with the hedge and the couple in the distance.