Saturday, 4 September 2010

SoShowMe Exhibition

Thursday 2nd September:  the private view of SoShowMe, an exhibition curated around the theme of social media and featuring my photography Smash Me And Laugh In My Face, which was one of the finalists from the Flickr group.  As I was only working around the corner that day, I arrived early at the gallery, so was asked if I would give a short video interview to go on the gallery blog.  I hate the way my voice sounds when recorded (I sound so bloody posh!) but other than that it's ok.  I guess fame and fortune are just around the corner for me now then :)

The evening went really well, and thanks so much to all my lovely friends and family who turned up to support me, it was greatly appreciated and lovely to see you all too!

Julian Gajewski's blog post in the show:

Video courtesy of The Printspace/YouTube

The exhibited photograph
Smash Me And Laugh In My Face


Paul & Mark: "my map's better than your map!"


Double Beer Situation

Dawn and sorry, I'm crap, I've forgotten your name :(

Alistair (my "little" brother)


Dad, Alistair and Mark

Andre and Maša

My brother



Doug and Andre

Father and Son

My photo in the background, behind the "thumbs up"


Checking out Andre's latest photos on his iPhone

My Masterpiece and my Friends :))

Erm, don't even ask .....

Me, Andre and Mark

I'm all chuffed, like

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  1. Looks like a fine time had by all, and great to see you enjoying your first show.