Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Potters Manor House Part 6

Visited Potters with Maša today, was sad to see just how much it has deteriorated due to mindless vandalism in a few short weeks.  About six others arrived when we were there, to have a look around and also to take some photos.  I think the vibration from the number of people wandering about caused the balustrade handrail to fall into the hallway (it was already insecure since most of the bannisters had been removed) with the most enormous bang - I was upstairs at the time and my immediate thought was that someone had fallen through the floor, which is very dodgy in that area, but luckily this was not the case.

There were brambles everywhere outside, laden with some of the fattest, sweetest and juiciest blackberries I have had so far this year.  Maša and I both scoffed lots on the way in, but during the time we were there she would appear by my side with another handful for me, which was very pleasant indeed :)

All photos taken with natural light, mostly ISO 400, so some are a bit dark but I didn't want any more grain on the images.  I think the darkness adds to the atmosphere though.  Please see my previous posts on Potters to observe how wrecked the house has become since my first visit a few months ago.

Why throw the sofa over there?  Why?

The balustrade before it fell down

A burned wig

The TV in this room has been completely smashed

Someone has even killed the gramophone player :(

One of the very few remaining paintings

Maša dressed up for photos

This pile of shoes in the fireplace was spookily
reminiscent of Auschwicz

Most of the windows in this room have now been
smashed and pushed outside

The outhouses, one containing a still humming
EDF generator

Maša in action :)

Farewell Potters .....

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  1. Still so many beautiful photos, but such a shame to see the place vandalised like this :( At least you did manage to visit and catch the spirit of the manor before all this happened.