Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Pedalling Around The New Forest, Part 2

As we'd hired bikes for two days, another expedition was planned for Sunday, although not quite as long as Saturday's 36 miler - we decided to do our usual pub crawl route but in reverse for a change.  Started off with our piggy friends for whom we had gathered a bag of acorns the day before, and they snaffled these up with joyful grunts and lots of hairy-nosed snuffling.

Mark at the first pub stop, the Alice Lisle, home of the best sausage and mash I have ever tasted, but sadly it was too early for lunch when we were there.  Got rained off and had to retire indoors, which was very cosy :)  Met our photographer mate Jonathan, who also works behind the bar, had a chat and a catch up, had to stay for TWO drinks whilst waiting for the rain to stop, got to the point where I would quite happily have spent the rest of the afternoon there but the bicycles were calling to us!

On the wall at the Alice Lisle

Second pub, The Red Shoot

Such a poseur ....

Third pub, the High Corner Inn

One of my favourite woodland paths, I want to walk
along it every time I see it ....

I love sunlight coming through ferns!

Mr B, possibly a little drunk

Tranquil scene before bloodbath horror

I was quite tired by this stage, the cumulative effect of a long cycle the day before layered with a few choice glasses of wine, but as Mark and I were feeling quite merry we were larking about and he pushed me along on my bike whilst riding his.  All great fun for a short distance, until we got our pedals in a twist and both fell off, onto a gravelly track, in full view of lots of other lovely cycling families out enjoying the sun and exercise and who doubtless had not put away as many as we had.  Oh dear.  Ended up with a knee full of gravel, dripping blood down my leg, feeling like a total arse, but doggedly climbed back on bike to finish the ride back to Sandy Balls.  It did hurt but not enough to stop me cycling - it was only later when we got back, I had a shower and cleaned up and put Savlon/plasters on it that it REALLY started to hurt.  I was cold as well, the weather had been okay but not especially warm, so ended up falling asleep on the sofa huddled under a rug like a grandma, my knee throbbing in outrage at what it had been forced to endure - poor old crock!

My knee, in all it's Technicolour Glory

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  1. The pigs and sunlit ferns are irresistible, but oh your poor knee :(